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What are the Benefits of JavaScript? What can JavaScript do to my website?
One of the most powerful scripting languages for the World Wide Web is JavaScript. You can use it to create interactive Web pages and make a Web site easier and more interesting to navigate. Using JavaScript, you can accomplish a variety of tasks at the client side without interacting with a Web server.

JavaScript is most ideal for validating user input and making sure that data entered by users is valid. JavaScript has replaced the cumbersome CGI script user input validation. This process was time-consuming and a waste of network and Web server resources. A better way of handling this process would be to set up a JavaScript application to check user input before it is submitted to a Web server for processing.

JavaScript allows you to easily manipulate various browser objects and give interactive effects. When a user moves the mouse pointer over a hypertext link, for example, you can use JavaScript to display the URL's description on the status bar of the browser. Other examples are “explain more” - on mouse-over further details appear and in co-ordination with mapping - to give detail from a general perspective.

There is a separate school of thought that believes JavaScript-enhanced pages take up more bandwidth. This is not really the case if JavaScript is used intelligently to conserve bandwidth. Before invalid data in a form is sent to a Web server for processing, for example, JavaScript can validate the data.

JavaScript supports distributed processing by enabling various tasks to be performed on the client rather than on the server. although you can perform various tasks using CGI programs, a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript is ideal for performing simple operations that do not require access to information on a remote server.

Other advantages of JavaScript are that it is easy to learn, but powerful, and rewards the developer who invests some time into exploring the finer points of its many features. JavaScript may be used in both procedural and object fashion, and at varying levels of abstraction and design discipline.

If you already know Java, Perl, C/C++, or other, similar languages, you're already familiar with many of the fundamentals of JavaScript. If you're not familiar with those languages, the fundamentals may be learned quickly.

Due to the increasing acceptance of JavaScript-enhanced web sites, more developers are using JavaScript and DHTML on their sites. And as the trend is progressing, the next generation of client-side web applications will be written in JavaScript (and already is).

I need a JavaScript programmer intelligent enough to understand what I need! What should I must check, during interview/discussions with such a programmer?
JavaScript can fulfill you business oriented results and your desires. But to get the potential out of a telecommuter JavaScript programmer you needs to insure:
  • she/he have 2+ years of classic JavaScript programming experience
  • If you're interested in e-commerce capabilities then make sure s/he has exposure of such website development life cycle with online payment and cart development, if you need.
  • She/he has 1+ year of database design and dynamic website development experience.
  • She/he is creative, out of the box thinker with ability to add her/his creativity for better project design & development
  • View her/his dynamic website portfolio of asp projects on the internet
  • When you're opting to have dedicated JavaScript programmers from a development company, these are few things you should keep in mind. Do look for quality standards that company adopted in their processes and employees practices. Normally, development firms have their own coding style and standards set by there management. But if you like to have your standards followed by the team, they should be flexible to adopt.

    What saving I could expect to have, if I will hire dedicated JavaScript programmers from Hireexpertdeveloper(HED)?
    Hireexpertdeveloper(HED) JavaScript programmers are neither freelancer nor part time employees; they all are full time employees of Hireexpertdeveloper(HED), who will be allotted to work on specifically your project. You will pay for the work they do for you and that's all you have to pay! We'll take care of their skills, work stations, salary, HR, taxes and related issues etc as we do for other employees.

    All our JavaScript programmers have exhaustive industry experience and have hand one experience in various aspects of JavaScript development. They are good in communication and understanding and have showed consistency in client requirements understanding by using their technical abilities, analytical power and creative skills to develop business-centric applications not just technological structures.

    If we talk about planning and defining objectives, Hireexpertdeveloper(HED) developers always shown brilliant entrepreneurial logics and with their industrial expertise and programming exposure they've increased many clients' business bottom lines and expectations. They are bright, full of energy that can keep the organization growing and have always learning opportunities, abilities and go getter attitude.

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